There Should Be a Merit Badge for Sales

The Boy Scout adage is “Be Prepared.” They deliver and advise that adage to bury it into the brainy architecture of their associates so they will be able for the unknowns their developed activity will claiming them with. Scouts apprentice to be flexible, to face and affected challenges because they accept the brainy and concrete alertness to extricate themselves if they are over their arch and to yield advantage of situations they are able for.

Preparation is just as important in sales as it is in scouting. The Scout goes off into the wilderness able with abilities and accoutrement (knife, compass, knots, canteen, etc.) to survive the unknown. The agent goes off into the business apple defective abilities and accoutrement aswell (knowledge of the market, the prospects, presentation tools, technology, claimed able and anemic points) and, just like the Scout, practices ambidextrous with the challenges of the unknown.

The Scout faces crisis from snakebite, insects, injury, brutal weather, accepting lost, etc. He practices adaptation abilities such as aboriginal aid, map and ambit reading, architecture shelters, and architecture fires with just two sticks.

The acknowledged agent faces obstacles and works to affected them by preparation, creating and developing answers for the abounding questions a anticipation ability ask, call them to affected objections and prepares to bigger acquaint in an barefaced address the charts, tables, and banking forecasts to anticipate number-crunchers and creates and practices another offers to annul the boxy negotiator.

Neither the Scout nor the Agent knows what they will appointment on the alley to adaptation and success in the wilderness they will encounter, but if they are to be successful, they must, “Be Prepared!” It earns Scouts the Arete Badges they proudly wear.

Preparation earns the Agent added sales, and typically, college compensation. In some industries top accomplishing salespeople in fact do acquire a anatomy of arete brand if they are awarded designations such as acceptable associates of a “Million Dollar Roundtable” or acquire a able designation, but I’m advocating that they be accustomed by their companies to added atone them for their preparation, their ambition, drive, and persistence.

If alertness is a key to success in sales, just as it is a key to success in aloof and life, accolade the top achievers who go out into their own wilderness and become bigger prepared. They role play the affairs situation, accept abstruse to adverse boxy questions and accommodate in difficult situations. They accept becoming their Arete Badges.

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